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11 February 2009

Catch the last tube

There's something very pleasant about catching the last tube home. It usually occurs as an excellent combination of a good 'school night' out with friends and being organised enough to make it onto a convenient mode of transport to get you home in a quick and stress free manner. Sure, it may have lost a bit of it's charm since Boris banned binging on the tube, but still...

Again, it's not something which you should go out of your way to do, unless perhaps you never have before, but it is an experience which is particularly London, and without sounding cliched there is even sometimes even the glimmer of a sense of camaraderie that a usual tube ride doesn't bring amongst those who have managed to beat the system and avoid the night bus.

Visit the TFL website for details of first and last tubes.

^Picture from flickr courtesy of Annie Mole of http://london-underground.blogspot.com/^

1 comment:

  1. I use http://lasttubetimes.com to find out when the last tube back is. It works on my iPhone when I'm out.