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30 June 2015

Watch lunchtime comedy in Paternoster Square

If you've ever wondered what sorts of jokes would be told at a multinational-banking-and-financial-services-corporation-sponsored comedy show in a privately-owned public square which is home to the London headquarters of Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and the third-largest stock exchange in the world, this lunchtime is your chance to find out.

At 1pm, in a free show as part of the City of London Festival, critically-acclaimed musical comedian Jay Foreman takes to the stage for a show in front of an audience who will presumably mostly be wearing smart clothes and eating hastily-bought pre-packaged sandwiches, for high finance types probably aren't really that different in their lunchtime plans, except that most of them will still be at their desks.

For more, see http://www.colf.org/whats-on/?EventID=1632

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