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28 June 2015

Attend the Marylebone Summer Fayre

For around 300 years, one family have owned 92 acres of some of the most expensive land in the country, around Marylebone High Street and Harley Street. The land owned by the Howard de Waldens isn't the biggest aristocratic estate in central London, but it is worth some £3.2bn and makes a decent profit each year. The Estate also helps to promote the area and bring people to it and for the past eleven years, they have been hosting the Marylebone Summer Fayre in June, and this year's takes place mainly this afternoon.

The Fayre is held partly to give something back to the community and raise money for charity, and partly to ensure the continued profitability of their property portfolio by fostering a sense of community and bringing people to Marylebone to spend money, and today visitors to Marylebone can enjoy food, drink, music, craft stalls, a farmers’ market, tombola and 'community spirit', as well as a music stage and the chance to go shopping.

For more, see http://www.marylebonesummerfayre.com/

^Picture © Magnus D used under a Creative Commons license^

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