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12 June 2015

Take the Jermyn Street Experience

Some time ago now, your author joined Dr Cindy Lawford - Education and Development Officer at the Jermyn Street Theatre and part-time tour guide - for one of her regular Jermyn Street Experience personal tours. Today at 4pm - as every Friday - her latest tour leaves from the front of the Jermyn Street Theatre and explores a street with a fascinating history as the heart of London's shirt-making, perfume-brewing, cheese-selling and art-hawking.

Cindy is an exceptional guide, and can get you into shops most people without a considerable amount of money might feel too timid to enter. Her charm and keen grasp of the area's history makes the tour well worth the £20 per person price.

For more, see http://www.cindylawford.co.uk/jermyn-street-experience/

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