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1 July 2015

Watch the sunset from the wall at the Cutty Sark

This post has been written before, but once again the sunset over the Thames at the Cutty Sark - on Ballast Quay in Greenwich - was fantastic. The pub is a fantastic spot, in a beautiful part of town, with little traffic except the boats and swans to interrupt the slowly setting sun. The pub dates in its current form from around 1795, and once stood among industrial dockyards with ships tied up to the quay outside.

Yesterday, the quayside was busy but far from packed, and the wall in front of the pub had plenty of space for latecomers to show up and enjoy the last rays of sunshine shimmering across the river estuary. Today is set to be another beautiful one, so make sure you get out and enjoy the evening. The most difficult step is the first one out of the door...

For more, see http://www.cuttysarkse10.co.uk/

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