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7 May 2014

Buy floating books at Word on the Water

You've almost certainly heard of Word on the Water, the self-styled London Bookbarge that plies its trade along London's canals, but it is such a great addition to our city that it seems worthy of another mention. The barge has been open for a couple of years now, spending its time at various locations usually between Hackney and Paddington, via Camden and Angel, and the last few times your author has seen it, it has been moored up right outside the Hammersmith and City Line Station entrance at Paddington Station.

The Telegraph tells us that the boat is owned by Paddy Screech, John Privett of Archway's Word on the Street, and "a mysterious Frenchman called The Captain", which along with resident cats, poetry slams, readings, live music and a great selection of books makes for a charming and interesting addition of London's second hand book scene.

For more, and current location information, see https://twitter.com/wordonthewater


  1. I love books, and next week I will definitely be there to see this Bookshop, than I will give some feedback here!

  2. https://www.change.org/p/canal-river-trust-save-london-s-only-floating-bookshop-by-giving-them-a-permanent-mooring-at-paddington-station