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19 May 2014

Browse at Walden Books

A decent little second hand bookshop on a quiet residential Camden backstreet, Walden Books has been trading since 1979, run by former gardener David Tobin for all that time. It's a pretty little place on a leafy street, and where other houses on the street have neat little gardens, at Walden Books we find shelves packed with cut-price paperbacks and poetry.

Nowadays, it's easy to believe that independent traders like Tobin can no longer exist, and their shops have all become franchised coffee outlets or multi-million-pound town houses, but Walden Books remains, with books of all kinds packed into its shelves and happy customers still popping in as they have done for more than 30 years, either making a deliberate trip, or chancing upon the shop as your author did on the way down Harmood Street.

For more, see http://www.waldenbooks.co.uk/

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