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2 May 2014

Attend a folk club on a pirate ship

Sure, Sir Francis Drake wasn't technically a pirate, but he did a lot of plundering treasure on the Spanish Main and privateering was a grey area. Regardless, tonight your author is off to the Tiller Flat Folk Club on the Golden Hinde II, a replica of Drake's famous circumnavigating flag ship, for folk music and some booze from 7pm - 11pm.

The evening is hosted by Woody Newman III, and we are told that tonight we will be given the chance to see Stick in the Wheel, The Rough Island Band and Vronsky, if that means anything to you. Entry is £3, the Golden Hinde II is moored in St Mary Overie dry dock near London Bridge, and there is a bar on board.

For more, see http://www.goldenhinde.com/tiller-flat-folk-club/

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