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20 July 2012

Wonder at Lobb's boots

Started by lame Cornish farmboy John Lobb in 1849, today the headquarters of John Lobb Bootmakers are found in a very attractive store at 9 St James's Street, but that is really all you need to know as you and your author are never likely to use their services.

This is a shop for the super-rich, with a pair of simple shoes costing nearly £3,500 and representatives willing to travel anywhere in the world to measure your feet. The existence of such a shop defies rationale, but there they are, making shoes for some people somewhere who you will never meet, with past customers including down-to-earth types such as George Bernard Shaw, Lord Olivier, Harold MacMillan and Frank Sinatra.

For more, see http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk


  1. Well, OK, but I'm just as happy with my £15 bought in the sale Fitflops.

    Besides, shops such as this encourage car use - peeps wouldn't want to sully the perfection of a £3,500 pair of shoes, would they?

  2. Good grief, those prices made me choke on my humble ham sandwich...