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30 July 2012

Attend the Peninsula Festival

With central London getting rather busy as visitors and those with days off enjoy the party, it can be difficult to find a peaceful corner to get some peace and quiet for a few hours. If it is all getting a bit much, help is at hand in the form of your own deserted piece of South East London wasteland, calling itself the "Peninsula Festival".

Found in a sleepy corner of the Greenwich Peninsula, beyond acres of coach parks and people holding glowing adverts for credit cards, the festival was almost deserted except for staff as your author wandered past yesterday evening, and friends who live overlooking the site confirm it hasn't exactly been oversubscribed, even though local residents have been bombarded with mailshots and even free VIP wristbands to encourage them to attend.

For more, see http://www.peninsula-festival.eu or http://853blog.com/tag/peninsula-festival/

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