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21 July 2012

Welcome a flame

Amongst literally hundreds of events taking place this summer in London, next week a sporting tournament is being held near Stratford in East London, and everyone's getting terribly excited. Seemingly most excitable of all are the people at Hackney Council, who are today organising a huge event to mark not the start of the Games themeselves, but the passing of a symbolic torch which is touring the country in the lead up to the event.

We are told to expect carnival floats, Rio samba, a village fete and a festival along the route, though sadly it seems that an event scheduled for Clissold Park has been cancelled due to all the recent rain. The events are all part of the One Festival, an annual event that has been taking place in Hackney since at least 2008.

For more, see http://www.hackney.gov.uk/one-festival.htm

^Picture © Emmanuel Eragne used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. All hail the Nazi torch procession!

  2. Ooooh happy festivalling today! :) Pity about the waterlogging but thankfully, there is sunshine for the rest of the activities just in time too!