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17 July 2012

See the BAPS Mandir Haveli

Your author has written about the Neasden Mandir in various places, but the temple complex isn't limited only to Indian marble, and alongside the traditional temple sits a stunning intricately-carved wooden Haveli, which would certainly be worth a visit in its own right.

We are told that the Haveli is a remarkable revival of wooden craftmanship, and that the wooden carvings are unique in that such a structure has not been created anywhere in the world for a century. Your author has no way of knowing whether of not this is true, but except for one more than a hundred years old on the South Coast, this is certainly the only such construction he has seen.

For more, see http://www.mandir.org/haveli/index.htm

^Picture © David Sky, used under a Creative Commons License^


  1. Would love to see the haveli. In the meantime, if you are interested in winning a white bedside table then please visit http://mydecoreview.blogspot.in/2012/06/its-contest-time.html

    1. well if you wish to my advice as someone is always there then best way of getting here is underground or you may have parking attendant uncles telling you to park in the Ikea car park which is pretty far. To enter the mandir itself is that you take the lift to the first floor and there will doors to enter.