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27 July 2012

Watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Today, the Olympic Ceremony is the big ticket event, and whilst only 80,000 odd bods can get into the stadium, it's hard not to get a little excited about the attentions of the world being directed to our great city. It's time to put aside the cynicism, for a little while at least, and enjoy the spectacle.

We don't know quite what Danny Boyle has in store for us, but we are almost certain there will be countryside, Glastonbury Tor, the Thames, nurses, and various other iconic English scenes. Now we've invested bags of money, this is one of our key opportunities to show the world how amazing modern London and Great Britain are, and your author hopes it is amazing.

For more, see http://www.london2012.com/spectators/ceremonies/opening-ceremony/

^Picture © jeffowenphotos used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. I'm so happy that finally the opening is going to happen :) I've been waiting for so long.

  2. Ooooh I certainly hope so too! There's definitely that much talked about "buzz" about today. Thankfully it's not as hot as yesterday either. I feel a certain amount of "Olympomania" LOL, seriously I hope it's amazing too! Enjoy! I shall be watching on the telly :)

  3. I think Danny has done a good job! It has been a bit cheesy when it came to the flash mob part but still good.

  4. And it was completely amazing. Loved every minute, with the exception of Paul McCartney who should be put out to graze. But good old Danny Boyle. What a ledge.