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18 July 2012

Do some sport at the Hub

Though it may not feel like it, now we are in the summer, a time at which we traditionally did many sports. If you can remember how, the Hub, in Regent's Park, is a great little sports venue and cafe which provides a centre point for many of the sporting activities which take place there.

At the Hub, it is possible to book cricket, football and softball pitches, and even a boules piste, and there are also regular exercise classes including Pilates, yoga and other such nonsense. You can even do astronomy when the clouds clear.

For more, see http://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/the-regents-park/sport-in-the-park-the-hub

^Picture © Nigel Chadwick, used under a Creative Commons license^

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  1. Hi, Tired of London Tired of Life,

    Hub: I like the idea of the Health Walk :D

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