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20 May 2011

Walk in "billionaire's row"

Surely one of London's oddest streets, Kensington Palace Gardens runs behind Kensington Palace itself, connecting Notting Hill to Kensington at the Southern end along a street which boasts some of the grandest and most expensive houses in the world.

Mostly made up of embassies including that of Nepal, Norway, Russia and a rather odd blockish Slovenia at the Northern end, it is closed to all traffic other than that which can make it past the ominous security bollards, and its unclear whether you're even permitted to ride a bike.

Current residents include Lakshmi Mittal, the UK's richest man, and Russian Oligarch Leonard Blavatnik, who is reportedly worth around $7 billion, Lakshmi Mittal's daughter, and also Jonathan Hunt, the founder of Foxtons, who presumably bought in as some sort of a statement to the people who question whether Foxtons make loads of money.

For more on the fascinating street, click here.


  1. I think the area is beautiful, but not because snooty billionaires live there. Rather because the area was part of Kensington Gardens i.e Crown Estate. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the Crown was feeling the financial pinch, and asked for their land back :)

  2. I always loved this street. It feels so peaceful, as opposed to the hustle of Notting Hill Gate. I noticed there were lots of embassies but I didn't know some people actually lived there!

  3. Zocy - sorry, what???!

  4. I seem to remember being told off quite rudely by a guard for attempting to take photos on this street... ruined the experience especially when there were no signs to the contrary!!