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22 May 2011

See the remains of All Hallows Staining

A squat little tower is all that remains of the buildings of All Hallows Staining Church which stood from nearly 200 years following its rebuild after the Great Fire of London. A church had originally been built on the site as early as the twelfth century, given the name Staining to denote its stone construction, whilst others nearby were wooden.

In 1870, the parishes of All Hallows Staining and St Olave Hart Street were combined in and the main church was demolished, leaving the tower we see today. Whilst it did experience a brief renaissance after St Olave Hart Street was bombed out in the Second World War, with a prefabricated church standing on the site until the rebuilt St Olave's reopened in 1954, it was not to be permanent.

The remaining tower, however, was recognised with Grade I listed status in 1950, and it is very pretty. For more information on the history of the church, click here.

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  1. And St. Olave Hart Street (a.k.a. Dickens' Saint Ghastly Grim) is itself worth a visit, not only for the skulls over the gate: it's Pepys' burial place and has an amazing Grinling Gibbons (maybe) pulpit.