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23 May 2011

Learn about the Order of St John

The Museum of the Order of St John reopened late last year after extensive renovations at its base in St John’s Gate, the entrance to the former Priory of the Knights of St John in Clerkenwell. Through various displays it recounts the history of the Knights from their foundation in Jerusalem in 1099 to their modern role with the St John Ambulance.

The priory was the English base of the Knights from the 1140s, and the museum follows them from their base in Jerusalem to Cyprus then Rhodes, and more recently Malta. The Gate, meanwhile also has an interesting history, and we learn that it was here that this website's patron, Dr Samuel Johnson, was given his first job in London, writing reports for The Gentlemen’s Magazine.

The Museum is open daily, except Sundays, and is free. For more information, see http://www.museumstjohn.org.uk/

1 comment:

  1. Love it. I followed the knights from Jerusalem to Cyprus, Rhodes and I loved Malta most of all. My poor husband got sick of it, but I had a ball :)

    Just remind me what the connection between Dr Johnson and St John’s Gate was. When Johnson was given his first job in London, did he write his reports for The Gentlemen’s Magazine from an office in or near the Gate?