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25 May 2011

Relax by the river at The Weir, Walton on Thames

A picturesque pub right by the river, the Weir, in Walton on Thames, is within striking distance of the bubbling weir which gives it its name, and sits around three miles upstream from Hampton Court Palace, and then Central London beyond that.

Popular on weekends with walkers taking the Thames Path, it is at its busiest on the weekends, and also offers food and accommodation. Your author doesn't know if either are any good, but it's certainly a great spot for weary cyclists, taking a break for a swift half and a packet of crisps beside the river.

For more, see http://www.weirhotel.co.uk


  1. It's a lovely stretch of the river between Hampton Court and Walton. I walked past it last year, but it was in the midst of the snow and ice we had around December so not really beer garden weather... By the way, isn't Walton-on-Thames in Surrey? :)

  2. hey tom. would u like be my pal? :D

  3. Well Chaz, I've always set my boundary at the M25, and Walton is just inside.

    And yana, I'm not quite sure who you are, so whilst I'm not ruling it out, I hesitate to give you designated 'pal' status so early on...