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7 May 2011

Admire the view from the Oxo Tower

A reader kindly contacted your author recently to point out that he had never featured the viewing platform at the Oxo Tower, and this was because he had never been. However, he took the opportunity to pop up on Thursday, and admire the view from the free public viewing gallery at the front of tower.

Through the work of the Coin Street Builders, Oxo Tower Wharf reopened to the public in 1996, and the as part of the current licence Harvey Nichols, who run the restaurant, are required to give free access to anyone wanting to visit the platform and gaze out over London.

Those wanting to visit should ride the lift to floor eight, and when they are meet the smart-looking bar or restaurant staff just tell them they are there for the viewing platform, at which point they will point swiftly along the corridor and out to the platform. Visitors are then free to stand out there as long as they like, and cast an eye out over Central London.

Having said that, if the same overly-romantic couple are there that were there on Thursday (and they looked like they were about to bed down for the duration) it probably won't be bearable for as long as would be nice.

For more on Oxo Tower Wharf, see http://www.coinstreet.org/developments/oxotowerwharf.html

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the Champagne cocktails at the Oxo tower are absolutely lovely, you should go! I'm quite a big fan of the brasserie.