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24 February 2011

Get a snack at the Blackheath Tea Hut

Situated at the centre of Blackheath, right on the side of the A2, the Blackheath Tea Hut is a small hut which serves tea and fresh snacks, cooked to order, 24 hours a day, helping to stave off the hunger of passing motorists and others who happen to be in the area.

A simple menu of sandwiches, burgers and cakes is lapped up by all comers, and its a real institution in South East London, so much so that its story has even been made into a film.

Whilst the hut is apparently involved in a few scuffles with Lewisham Council about the closure of laybys in its area, it still maintains a good trade and provides decent food at reasonable prices.

For more on all things tea hut, visit http://www.blackheath-tea-hut.co.uk/


  1. but please don't park on the main road. It's busy and dangerous enough as it is.

    1. *cough cough* ADDISON LEE CAB DRIVERS *cough cough*

  2. I have seen this hut and have used both of the 24 hour huts in Whipps Cross Road which are (I am informed) popular with the doggers who use the nearby woods!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Good for food poisoning. Don't go their.

  4. I've lived about 10 years in Lewisham and 10 years in Greenwich and I've never been. I've decided to go there for my birthday tea this year :-)

    Do they serve anything a vegetarian would eat or will I need to take a picnic for my bloke?