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6 February 2011

Attend the Clown's Church Service

Held every year on the first Sunday in February at Holy Trinity Church in Dalston, the annual Clowns Service of remembrance is dedicated to Joseph Grimaldi, the 'father' of modern clowning.

The service also sees the lighting of a candle for any modern clowns who have passed away over the past year, and has taken place at Holy Trinity since St James's Chapel on Pentonville Road, where Grimaldi is buried, closed in the 1950s. The site of his grave is now called Joseph Grimaldi Park.

We are told that, after the service, visitors can also take time to examine the remaining collection of clowning memorabilia which is held at the church since Clowns Internationals’ Gallery/Museum moved from All Saints to Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset, and this includes the 'egg register', on which clowns' face-paints are officially recorded on eggs.

The service begins at 3pm, but you should arrive by 2pm. For more, see the Clowns International website.

^Picture © Joelle McNichol used under Creative Commons^


  1. How curious! Thank you for this enlightening post :) Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. This is the kind of post that makes your blog so enjoyable and unique Tom! Thanks for this info.

  3. Thanks guys. It's an absolute pleasure.

  4. Sorry but I find the thought of a church full of clowns is absolutely terrifying - DO NOT WANT!

  5. That photo is the single most scary thing I've ever seen. A coven of clowns. Stephen King couldn't have created anything more terrifying.

  6. Aww...leave the poor chaps alone. Look at their nice colourful outfits. They're friendly really.