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7 February 2011

Eat Italian Food at Su Sazzagoni

The blog is likely to be rather Hackney-centric this week, as your author will shortly be leaving the borough and fancies being self-indulgent, so let us have a look at Su Sazzagoni, an excellent neighbourhood Sardinian restaurant and delicatessen in Lauriston Road, E9.

Owned by Elena Sollai, a native Sardinian who came to London in 2007, the restaurant aims to deliver a chunk of true Sardinian lifestyle to East London, and your author thinks it does very well.

With a menu that is, we are told, 10% Italian and 90% Sardinian, the restaurant makes fantastic dishes, using vegetables, pasta, olive oil, wines and deli produce imported directly from Italy.

Su Sazzagoni is open daily and also offers a reasonably-priced takeaway service. For more information, see http://www.susazzagoni.com/


  1. Or... you're finally telling us about your favourite places now that you can be sure your favourite seats wont be suddenly occupied by hordes of TOLTOL readers ;)

  2. I was in here over the weekend buying some pasta and parmesan. Nom nom nom