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22 February 2011

Dine at Marie's Cafe

Marie's Cafe, on Lower Marsh beside Waterloo Station, is a fantastic little cafe which apparently serves ordinary greasy spoon fare during the day, and Thai Food at night time.

Your author has only ever been in the evening, admittedly rather late on a Thursday, but the Thai food was very reasonably priced and served quickly and efficiently, so he would recommend it.

For more information, and some reviews, see http://www.qype.co.uk/place/139430-Maries-Cafe-London


  1. Interstingly there always used to be a similar place with an almost indentical description in Woodgrange Road, Foest Gate.

  2. Went here a couple of weeks back.. was very impressed with their green curry, great value.

  3. The Thai food is available at any time of day - and is very tasty too! The greasy spoon fare I have not sampled, but there seems to be equal appreciation for both from the punters...