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4 February 2011

Read a book at the Heath Library

We hear a lot about libraries in the news at the moment, with reductions in hours and volunteer staffing looming large, but for now the Heath Library, in Hampstead is open every day except Wednesdays, as it has been for some time.

Situated in a 1930s building in the garden of Keats House, where he wrote 'Ode to a Nightingale', which is now a museum to the poet, the library has all the usual staples. Here you can borrow books, CDs and DVDs, read the newspapers and magazines and use internet and Wifi free of charge.

Pretty standard stuff, really, but its a nice setting and especially handy if you get caught on the Heath in a shower. For more information, click here.


  1. Keats House? In one of my favourite parts of London? I absolutely must pop in, next visit. The fact that the building is also a library is just an added bonus.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Avid reader and as a frequent traveler to London I use your reviews often to find new places to explore.

    If I might offer a suggestion? Perhaps a google map of these and other locations?

  3. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the comment, and your kind words.

    I'd love to update the map I started to include everything, but it's so time intensive.

    I only just manage to get this blog done every day, and now I'm so far behind with the map, I don't know if I'll ever catch up.



  4. Tom, I hope this isn't one of the libraries that is threatened. There's a rather ominous Google Maps mashup doing the rounds at the moment which shows where libraries are due to close - just about every local authority in the country seems to be considering it - a great blow to education and enlightenment in my view. I spent nearly every Saturday in my youth carrying armfuls of books away from my local library...