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21 November 2009

Pub on the Park

It's a Saturday, so if you get bored or rained off wandering Broadway Market, why not seek shelter, a bite to eat and something to drink at the Pub on the Park, notionally on Martello St, but mainly on London Fields in Hackney

Formerly the Queen Eleanor public house, the Pub on the Park is a great spot in summer, with its large terrace overlooking London Fields, but its not bad in winter either. There is a well stocked bar and a reasonably priced food menu and it's always at its liveliest when showing Saturday afternoon sport, which it does very well.

For more, see http://www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub543.php

^Picture courtesy of Ewan-M^


  1. I won't ever go back to the pub in the park, even though its my weekday local. The food is terrible, the service worse and frankly, only the setting makes it worth considering. There are much much better pubs in Hackney Central.

  2. Hmm, nice to hear another perspective anonymous. I have had perfectly reasonable food there and the service has always been pretty good. I would admit there are probably better pubs in the area though. It's a goldmine!

  3. I used to love this pub when I lived in London some ten years ago! In case u need some more pub ideas: another great pub for summer drinks is Pub on the Green, at South End Green in Hampstead. I was there last summer and it is def still going strong!

  4. Thanks...I will have to investigate that one.

    Don't think I've been.

  5. There was a day, perhaps forty years ago, when John and Georgie Larkin drank with John Rigbey, Clive Box, John Fitzgibbon and Alan Busby. When Ernie and his lovely wife lived across the road and Ray with the scar on his face would sing "Chantilly Lace".....Where are they all now, I wonder?