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22 November 2009

Have tea and toast at the Market Coffee House

The Market Coffee House, opened in 2001 on Brushfield Street overlooking Old Spitalfields Market, is run by Peter and Kay Sinden, a builder and City economist team who seem to have a pretty good idea how to run a nice cafe.

Some parts of the building itself apparently date from the 17th century, and it was formerly a warehouse for the Spitalfields fruit and vegetable market. The beautiful panelled interior was put together using the salvaged interior of The now closed Bell public house in Carter Lane, and salvaged oak from Hawksmoor's Christchurch, Spitalfields.

It is a lovely place to escape for a few minutes for a nice cup of tea, though your author did balk a little at being charged £8 yesterday for a cup of tea, toastie and a can of pop. Those behind the till seemed to think this was perfectly acceptable so we carried on.

It appears the Coffee House is soon to open an upstairs licensed restaurant, which sounds nice. For more on all aspects of the Market Coffee House, visit http://www.marketcoffeehouse.com


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the lovely review! I feel I should point out that we no longer run under the name The Market Coffee House, but The English Restaurant: www.theenglishrestaurant.com - same great coffee, only now with gorgeous food and an extraordinary wine list to boot! Might it be possible to out a line here with the update? I know some people have been a bit confused by the change.
    Warm wishes and thanks again for the support!

  2. Thanks, yes, I was aware of the change. Hope things are going well.