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23 November 2009

Climb the mounds of Northala Fields

Standing right beside the A40, a short distance from RAF Northolt, are four conical mounds, the the tallest stands at 26 metres. These are part of Northala Fields, one of London's newest parks, opened in 2008, and were constructed using waste material from the original Wembley Stadium the new Westfields shopping centre.

The mounds shield the rest of the park, created on the former Kensington and Chelsea's Playing Fields site, which includes a model boating lake, play areas and an amphitheatre, from the noise and pollution of the A40.

The project cost £5.5m, and started in 2000, but Ealing Council hit on a cunning plan to reduce costs, charging £70 to £90 per lorryload to dispose of spoil from the Wembley and Westfields sites, and using it to build the mounds, allowing the developers the added bonus of only transporting it 10 miles rather than the usual 100 miles to a landfill site.

Northala Fields lies within the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park, which covers approximately 45 acres. For more information see http://www.ealing.gov.uk/services/environment/parks_and_open_spaces/new_developments/northala/

^Picture from Wikipedia under Wikimedia Commons^


  1. cough, splutter Northolt mentioned by Tired of London?! We've arrived!

    Northolt: come for the hills; stay for the, er, um, 'Star Wars' costume shop. There may be nothing here, but there are plenty of ways out.

    love, The Fool and his monkey x

  2. I must admit that you have my dad to thank for this one.

    It was his recommendation which earned it a place here...

    Northolt is so far!

  3. Unfortunately Northolt is totally blighted by all the traffic just getting onto the A40 and across the A312. Has some pretty bits off the beaten track.

    My boyfriend keeps looking at that Star Wars shop and wanting to stop there! Looks awesomely cool.

  4. You can see pictures of the Star Wars Shop in Northolt here: http://www.Jedi-Robe.com

  5. Unfortunately, the link in the article doesn't work any more. Shame.

  6. New Link http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200878/parks_in_the_borough/663/greenford_parks/2