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6 November 2009

Indulge your philosophical side with Big Ideas

Big Ideas is a series of philosophical events held in pubs in London, held roughly monthly, open to the public, and devoted to developing the pub argument into a legitimate form of intellectual chat.

Each event apparently begins with a question, and someone with relevant expertise giving a short talk, followed by a discussion. The organisers are keen to stress that Big Ideas isn't affiliated with any political, religious or other organisation, and they don't have any particular agenda.

The question for the next event, to be held on 24th November at the Wheatsheaf just off Oxford Street, is "What Use is an Imaginary Social Contract?", in celebration of the birthday of the rationalist philosopher Baruch de Spinoza.

This all sounds very interesting, and exactly like the sort of thing your author should be doing more often. If it sounds good to you, please visit http://bigi.org.uk/

^Picture of Spinoza from Wikimedia Commons^

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