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16 September 2009

See the Whitechapel Gallery

Your author hasn't covered the Whitechapel Gallery since it properly reopened in April, but he has been and it is a welcome improvement to what was already an excellent gallery.

Founded in 1901 with the aim of bringing great art to East London, the gallery is Grade II* listed and was designed by architect Charles Harrison Townsend. The two year £13.5m expansion project has doubled the size of the Gallery by incorporating the building next door, which has significantly increased the options the gallery has for exhibitions and events.

The Whitechapel Gallery prides itself on its education and outreach programmes and as a result there are always a number of films, talks, courses, concerts and events on offer, so have a look at the website if you're looking for more than just art. If you're hungry, there is also a decent-looking restaurant (a bit beyond your author's means) on the ground floor and a nice cafe upstairs. Or if you're looking for an event space, that is also an option.

Sure, there's not a lot of point in your author going over this five months after it reopened, but you might have forgotten it had, and miss the chance to see a tapestry copy of Guernica. For more on all the aspects of the new Whitechapel Gallery visit http://www.whitechapelgallery.org

^Picture by Mister-E^

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