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23 September 2009

Drink coffee in the Scooterworks Cafe

The Scootercaffe, which everyone knows as Scooterworks, on Lower Marsh in Waterloo, is an accidental cafe with a considerable amount of charm.

The cafe is owned by Craig O'Dwyer, a New Zealand Scooter specialist and coffee machine collector, who began Scooterworks Ltd after arriving from New Zealand 16 years ago as a scooter and parts shop. When staff began serving occasional cups of coffee to customers from an Italian 1957 Faema espresso machine, the coffee was so good that soon people were coming from miles around.

Nowadays, the actual Scooterworks workshop itself has moved to Bermondsey, leaving a lovely little bar and cafe with a mixed clientelle, and a very pleasant atmosphere you rarely find in somewhere so central. It even has a nice little yard at the back for sunny days, and a basement bar with live music every Tuesday and Wednesday night. Whilst they don't serve food, customers are welcome to bring their own food and have a picnic, as long as they take their rubbish with them.

Scooterworks is open Monday to Thursday 8:30-11pm, Friday 8:30am-midnight, and Saturday 10:00am-midnight. It's closed on Sundays.


  1. oooh, cheers for this one - never heard of it and will now pop in as I live down the road in kennington and in search of good coffee shops

  2. We held the blog's first birthday party there last night and it was just perfect. I'd recommend hiring out the basement.

  3. Thanks for your feedback all. Good hire tip A.

  4. No name on the board... Except BAR, poor service... Tired staff & ok coffee... Not all that it's made out to be. Let's not forget the cats jumping all over the place; hate cats!

  5. I hate people that hate cats !

  6. i used to use Craig's coffee shop and garage, around five years ago and loved it's Italian retro charm. I had bougt two scooters from Craig and there was always a ready coffee on the go by FiFi, before heading home.
    I keep meaning to swing by, just hope it hasnt changed and you can still listen to a bit of French jazz while looking for that part for your scoot.