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13 September 2009

Drink at the Dove

A frequent criticism by your author's peers is that he is too East London centric, but he likes to think he does a good job of covering much of the city, and there is always room for them to start their own blogs. So, today's idea is a drink at the Dove in Broadway Market.

It's a very pleasant little pub, specialising in belgian beers, but with ales and other drinks on offer, and also serves Thai and English foods. As with anywhere in the general area (which some Urban75 contributors refer to as w*nk city central) it has to be approached in the knowledge it will be full of East London posers, who are generally more worried about their hair than a good pub and a chat, but nevertheless it is still a good place to while away an evening.

For more on The Dove, visit the website at http://dovepubs.com/

^Picture by Ewan Munro^

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