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24 September 2009

Drink at the pub where America began

A little bit of a stretch of the truth in this post title, but the Mayflower in Rotherhithe is only a stone's throw from the quay where the ship the Mayflower docked in London before its departure with the Pilgrim Fathers for the New World.

In reality, the current pub wasn't even there at the time the Mayflower docked in 1620, and it visited a number of other places including Southampton, Dartmouth and Plymouth before making its final voyage, but there was a pub on this site at the time, and the connection is enough to draw in a fair number of American tourists.

The pub is a bit overpriced, and a bit of a tourist trap, but it does offer the opportunity to dine on a jetty overlooking the Thames (except for a few minutes either side of high tide), and is a pleasant enough spot. Bike riders beware, however, as part of your author's bike was stolen last weekend when he locked it up right outside the door.

The website is down, so for more information, why not try the Standard Website.

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