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5 September 2009

Fly a kite

Mary Poppins knew how to have good honest fun. "With tuppence for paper and strings...You can have your own set of wings", we were told. Then she and and the Banks family headed out into the park for what was an unrealistic amount of fun even for the period.

Nevertheless, there is something very pleasant about kite flying and, whilst nowadays kite flyers will find a market flooded with flashy kites with many knobs and whistles, and will probably buy their kite, a simple kite can be picked up fairly cheaply, and you can still make your own.

Top London flying spots include Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill and Blackheath, but there are many places in our fair city where you can find enough room to launch a kite, although you should bear a few handy tips from the Kite Society in mind.

^Picture by Tom T^

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