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5 April 2009

Learn about the history of film

The Movieum, a museum of the history of film, is the latest resident of County Hall, and it brings together a range of film costumes and tat in interesting galleries charting the history of British film, and demonstrating different film-making techniques.

There are a range of costumes, sets and props along the way to keep you interested including a Mini from the Italian Job, a Spear from Zulu and one of the genuine costumes Christopher Reeve wore in Superman. It's all set out in an informative way in the corridors of the old County Hall building, which always have their own grand charm regardless of what Saatchi or the Movieum have parked up in them.

Whilst this is all very interesting, and there's the chance to 'make your own film' along the way, at £17 a go it is really too expensive, and it does suffer from that sort of tacky West-End style presentation that County Hall seems destined to always present to the thousands of tourists who seem to love it.

For more information, and for your chance to buy discounted ticekts, visit the Movieum website at http://www.themovieum.com.

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