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4 April 2009

Eat Georgian food in Hackney

The Little Georgia Cafe, now situated at 87 Goldsmiths Row on the road between Hackney City Farm and Broadway Market, in Hackney is a nice cafe and must be one of London's few Georgian venues.

Georgia is not famous for a huge amount, and your author has no knowledge to suggest that they are a gastronomic superpower, but one of the great things about our city, of course, is the sheer range of cuisine on offer and this place is certainly evidence of this.

Whilst alcoholic drinks are not on the menu, tea and coffee flow with wild abandon, and it's good to discover the Georgian food, so next time you're in the area, why not pop by for some breakfast.

Click here to see the location on a map.

1 comment:

  1. I spent a month in Georgia in 2006, and can assure you that the country specialises in:
    1. An ancient and unique three-part singing tradition that uses unconventional tunings and may even lack octave equivalence, said to be universal to all musical cultures;
    2. Drinking unbelievable amounts of wine (a man might drink 3 litres at dinner - I'm not exaggerating!) which they claim to have invented (the Georgian word for 'wine' is 'ghwino');
    3. An astoundingly complex language consisting mostly of consonants that is possibly not unrelated to point 2;
    4. Unbounded hospitality;
    5. Territorial disputes.
    It's a robust, earthy, crazy, dangerous, hugely enjoyable place to visit. Go!