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6 April 2009

Hire a deck chair

A lot of living in the nation's capital can be about dashing around from place to place, so in a nod to the upcoming Slow Down London festival, today's item covers one of London's purest pleasures. Sitting in the park.

Deck chair season in the Royal Parks is now upon us, and it continues until the end of September and for around £2 you can hire a chair and sit and watch the world go by.

Deck chairs are available in St James' Park, Regents Park, Green Park and Hyde Park and in some places further afield, though they are only on offer during good weather (and when it's raining you probably wont want one).

To help you pick your park, why not visit the Royal Parks website at http://www.royalparks.org.uk.

For more information on Slow Down London visit http://slowdownlondon.co.uk.

^Picture from flickr courtesy of jumblejet^

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  1. If you want to take a deck chair home heres another option deck chairs.