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24 October 2012

Visit the Tanks at Tate Modern

Your author is ashamed to admit he still hasn't made it to The Tanks, the new space at the Tate Modern, and after a fifteen weeks of experimental and participatory art, their opening programme is due to come to a close this weekend.

Situated in what were once three large interconnected underground oil tanks for what was then Bankside power station, the future of these spaces is envisaged as a gallery for installation and video art specially commissioned for the space described by Richard Dorment in the Telegraph as "as far as I know, the first permanent exhibition spaces in the world specifically designated for showing art that involves film, sound, projection and performance" and by other reviewers rather less favourably. Your author hasn't been, so couldn't pass judgement, but will hopefully find time before the end of the week.

For more, see http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tanks-tate-modern/eventseries/tanks-art-action

^Picture © M Hooper used under a Creative Commons license^

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