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31 October 2012

Take a Halloween walk

It's Halloween today, and whilst these American consumption festivals aren't really your author's sort of thing, the festival is supposedly based around the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, when the celts believed the walls between our world and the next became thin and porous, so this evening is a good time to go on a London ghostly walk.

London Walks are as usual on hand with a few such walks, with the Ghostly Old City on Halloween leaving at 7 pm from St Paul's tube station, exit 2, Haunted London on Halloween leaving from Monument at 7.30 pm, Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness leaving at 7.30 pm from Holborn and Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale leaving from 8pm from Embankment. Your author has only previously done the Apparitions, Alleyways and Ale walk, which was pleasantly spooky - especially the jaunt through St James' Park.

For more, see http://www.walks.com/London_Walks_Home/HALLOWEEN_WALKS/default.aspx

^Picture © Metro Centric used under a Creative Commons license^

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  1. Ghosts, Gaslight, and Guinness.. I need this in my life.