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1 October 2012

Drive down Lower Robert Street

A favourite escape route for cabbies stuck in traffic in the vicinity of the Strand, Lower Robert Street dates from the 1770s, when it was constructed by the Adams brothers as part of the 24 house 'The Adelphi' development.

Today, the original arches are still open to traffic, and your author has even driven through on one of the rare occasions he is let loose behind the wheel of a car in London, and when he wandered through alone yesterday - with the Sunday streets quiet - he failed to spot 'Poor Jenny', the ghostly prostitute who is said to haunt the road.

 For more, see http://blackcablondon.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/lower-robert-street-a-ghostly-tunnel-in-the-heart-of-london/


  1. This is VERY interesting. Will have to go check it out (which of course if your purpose...)

  2. Our office sits right above it, cars, taxis and vans pass under us, including the odd police horse. People come and look and don't realise we're sitting above listening to their every word. The other thing to mention is that it stinks, a nose peg is often required.