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7 April 2012

Watch the Boat Race

The 158th Boat Race kicks off in West London today, with oarsmen of six nationalities competing to find out which is the best one out of the Oxfords and the Cambridges. First raced in 1829, we are told that the Boat Race is one of the oldest sporting events in the world, and thousands of people show up each year to watch it.

This years, we are told, is particularly special due to 2012 being the most amazing year ever when all our dreams come true, but actually it is another example of a great sporting event which London puts on every year come rain or shine, at a fairly low cost.

Your author, for what it's worth, will be not watching any rowing in the Outer Hebrides today, but for more on the race, see http://www.theboatrace.org

^Picture © HerryLawford used under Creative Commons^

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  1. I have never seen this boat race (or any boat race-for that matter) Interesting!