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1 April 2012

Take a boat on the Crayford Backwaters

A labyrinth of nearly 150 miles of palm-fringed canals, rivers and lakes, connected to the River Thames at Crayford Creek in South East London, the Crayford Backwaters are an internationally recognised area of wetlands as defined by the Ramsar Convention. Today, they are a mecca for tourists, plied by hundreds of Crayuvallams (Crayford Backwater Houseboats) which take passengers on tours of the area.

Since the closure of many of the large industries in Crayford's industrial past, such as the Maxim Nordenfeldt Gun and Ammunition Factory and the April Premier Fictional Publishers, tourism has become Crayford's largest industry, although the tea gardens of the Joydens Wood also employ a significant number of local people, along with Crayford Greyhound Racing Track and Gala Bingo Bexleyheath.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crayfordbackwaters


  1. Last year's was better!

  2. Nice one-up there with the Dagenham Arts & Sciences Centre. Trouble is I almost want them to be real now.

  3. hahaha! nice one!