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26 April 2012

Explore the unexplained with London Fortean Society

Back in February, your author attended an interesting evening with the London Fortean Society, exploring various prophecies of the end of the world with an open minded audience. Tonight, the society is meeting again for its monthly gathering, this time examining the many theorists who suggest that William Shakespeare may not have been the author of the plays attributed to him.

The society meets in the company of writer and poet Dr Ros Barber and writer, actor and board member of the Francis Bacon Research Trust Susan Sheridan to explore the many theories around the subject in the room above the Bell, 50 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7EX. There will also, as usual, be a recap of the past month's Fortean goings on.

For more, see http://forteanlondon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/was-shakespeare-shakespeare.html

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