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10 April 2012

Drink at the Three Stags

Almost unique in that it is a pub run by Greene King that isn't awful, the Three Stags, on the corner of Lambeth Road and Kennington Road in Lambeth, is a good place for a drink on a spring evening, whatever the weather.

On the downside, it does describe itself as a 'gastropub' and has a cocktail menu, and whilst your author has had some very nice chips in there late on a Friday night, and once ordered a shandy at the bar, he is regrettably unable to vouch for whether either the title or the cocktails are worthwhile, or indeed necessary. Still, it's a decent pub, which hasn't had its character ripped out by the pub chain that owns it, and for that we must be thankful.

For more, see http://www.thethreestags.com/

^Picture © Ewan Munro used under Creative Commons^


  1. It is always wise to place or restore a pub opposite a famous building.

    The Imperial War Museum is opposite The Three Stags, so that I can feel good about half a day of good learning followed by an hour of good drinking.

  2. It's certainly close to Westminster Bridge Road, but it's on Kennington Road.