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22 October 2011

Tour the Brunswick Centre

As part of Bloomsbury Festival, it's open house at the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury today and tomorrow, with free guided tours of the Grade II listed housing and shopping centre.

Designed by Patrick Hodgkinson in the 1960s, we are told that the centre aimed for a low rise, low cost, high density structure with no social segregation, and open space for each unit.

The tours will explain more about how the architect tried to achieve this, and whether or not he was successful. For more, see http://www.bloomsburyfestival.org.uk/event/id/89

^Picture © Matt From London used under Creative Commons^

1 comment:

  1. It features in Antonioni's "The Passenger" starring Jack Nicholson when it was brand new. I believe it has various design problems like damp.