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23 October 2011

Drink at the Lamb

A fantastic pub on a quieter street in Bloomsbury, the Lamb is a gem, originally built in 1729, it is now noted for its Grade II listed Victorian exterior, and its etched glass snob screens which were designed to allow customers to order without having to look at the bar staff.

The pub is now owned by Youngs and excellent food and beer, retaining the name it took from William Lamb who improved the conduit to bring water from Holborn in 1577. It is also notable for a pub purist like your author as it doesn't have a TV or any music, allowing space to sit and have a good talk to friends and anyone else who shows up.

Another notable feature is the working polyphon on the wall, which is designed to play tunes like a music box, and is the same design as the one which once operated in your author's grandparents' pub, and still lurks in the family attic.

For more information, see http://www.youngs.co.uk/pub-detail.asp?PubID=421

^Picture © ahisgett used under Creative Commons^


  1. I didn't know about the snobbery part of the etched glass snob screens over the bar. They may have protected customers in the 1890s, but now I reckon they are simply great decorative reminders of Victorian pub taste.

  2. This place looks fantastic. I love the character in the building, simply from your photo. These are the best kinds of bars. thanks for sharing.