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19 October 2011

Drink at the Duke of Hamilton

As the last rays of sun slipped away on Saturday evening, your author headed into Hampstead for a drink at the Duke of Hamilton, and received a very warm welcome. The pub claims to be one of the oldest in London, with a history dating back 300 years, and had a great atmosphere and a friendly crowd.

Three times a winner of CAMRA North London’s Pub of the Year competition, the Duke of Hamilton has a good range of ales which were well cared for and also a very reasonably priced food menu, which undercuts other pubs in the area by a considerable margin.

The pub was apparently threatened with closure last year, after the company that owned it submitted a proposal to turn it into flats, but thankfully the application was withdrawn after the Council made its views on the matter clear, and for now it remains an excellent local, just off the Hampstead tourist trail.

For more, see http://www.thedukeofhamilton.com/

^Picture © Jim Linwood used under Creative Commons^


  1. Yay! Glad you wrote about this place. It's my local and we saved it last year (I wrote about the process here if you want to read the full story: http://www.aladyinlondon.com/2011/03/duke-of-hamilton-pub-hampstead-london.html).

    The new owners have done a great job refurbishing it and adding a beer garden in the back.

  2. Very simple Georgian architecture - I wonder what it was originally built as, or was it built specifically to be a pub?

    Hats off to you and your colleagues, Lady in London. It breaks my heart when insensitive developers destroy a community's heart, soul and history - and for what? More carparks?

  3. I agree, Hels! It really upset the community when we found out that they were going to tear down the pub. I'm so glad it was saved in the end!

  4. Aw, nice. I recently moved out of Hampstead (for money reasons!) and I do miss those lovely back street pubs. Struggling to find anything as nice in walking distance in Golders Green.