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21 September 2011

Visit Ernö Goldfinger's 2 Willow Road

The family home of architect Ernö Goldfinger, 2 Willow Road in Hampstead was built in the 1930s. Whilst at the time it was the subject of controversy, and conservation groups and the local MP tried to stop its construction, today it is heralded as an interesting example of its style and is opened to the public by the National Trust.

The house remained home to the Goldfinger family after Ernö's death in 1987, until his wife Ursula died in 1994, and everything is still in situ, from the children's toys in the upstairs nursery to art on the walls, and even the Christmas pudding in the kitchen cupboard, as was stipulated as part of the opening, so it offers a fascinating insight into Goldfinger family life.

For more information, visit the National Trust website.

1 comment:

  1. One of those who opposed the construction of 2 Willow Road was (then) local resident Ian Fleming. You can guess where he got the name of his next villain from...

    The house is well worth a visit. A wonderful example of mid-century Modernism. The interior is preserved in mostly original condition, complete with many of the Goldfingers' possession, and offers a fascinating glimpse into their lives.