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1 September 2011

Admire the Daily Express Building

A jewel of Fleet Street, the Daily Express Building was constructed in 1932 as the premises for the Daily Express. Though the Express has since moved on, the building is celebrated as one of London's most important art-deco icons.

Known for its stark frontage in black vitrolite, the foyer is apparently very beautiful and handsomely restored to its 1930s glory. Your author has only ever been to the outside but there is good news, as the foyer is open the upcoming London Open House weekend. In the meantime, it looks smashing from the outside.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh it is. It was a suprise for me last year on Open House weekend and well worth the short queue it had at the time. You can only see the foyer and it's not that large but it has a pretty amazing startburst silver ceiling (http://simonssista.blogspot.com/2010/10/open-house-london-my-take.html), snarling snake bannisters and a very colouful tiled floor. That's just the details I can remember. It made a welcome change from much of what I saw (I went for mainly historical buildings last years).