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3 September 2011

Take a walk in Joseph Grimaldi Park

Up in Islington is a park dedicated to the father of modern clowning, Joseph Grimaldi, who was born in London in 1778, the son of an Italian father who met Grimaldi's mother when they both worked at the Drury Lane Theatre.

The was until relatively recently the location of the Pentonville Chapel, built in the 1780s - just after Grimaldi's birth - and demolished in the 1980s, and gets its unusual name as Grimaldi was buried in the graveyard of the chapel, where his grave can still be found.

For more, see http://www.islington.gov.uk/Leisure/outdoor/parks/your_parks/greenspace_az/greenspace_j/joseph_grimaldi.asp


  1. I believe that the grave has been moved from elsewhere in the Graveyard, even though it looks pretty original to me. Did you see the dancing stones? They're close to where you come in to the park, look like two graves in shape, but when you walk on them you hear tunes. I'm sure Joey would have really enjoyed them. (Oh dear - just looked at the link and that is what they say - and even that they were on the original site of Joey and Charles Dibden's graves. That's neat).

    There is a strong belief that he had his head removed before burial - as he was frightened of being buried alive. Cam anyone find a good source for this?

  2. According to the wikipedia entry for Joseph Grimaldi it was his father Giuseppe who asked for his head to be cut off; it was and earned his daughter £5 for the service : )