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12 September 2011

See the Capel Bedyddwyr Cymreig

Your author likes to collect the churches of different cultural communities in London, and one interesting example which appeared on a recent walk around Fitzrovia is the Capel Bedyddwyr Cymreig, a Welsh chapel on Eastcastle Street, W1.

The chapel is the main London Welsh Baptist Chapel, and was built in 1889, a time of great movement to London by just about everyone, including those from Wales. As London became home to the largest Welsh community outside Wales itself, churches like this one were built to serve that community.

The chapel is now Grade II listed and is noted for its classical facade and corinthian colonnade portico screening front, which sounds impressive.

For more, see http://www.urban75.org/london/capel-bedyddwyr.html


  1. I work opposite this building - it's lovely! Glad to see it's listed.

  2. My Ancestor was the Architect of the Castle Street Chapel ( Owen Lewis - Owain Dyfed), also the architect of the Corithian Bazaar, London. It was re-built and his facade was kept to is original design, better known today as the London Pallidum